What a farce this will be...

Whittingham Players poster.
Whittingham Players poster.

A village amateur dramatic group takes to the stage tomorrow for a one-night-only performance of a 1960s-set comedy.

Whittingham Players present Philip King’s I’ll Get My Man, which has all the ingredients of a typically hilarious farce.

The story centres around a bachelor parson dominated by his sister and yearning for a soul mate.

But it doesn’t stop there.

There’s his sympathetic housekeeper, his famous television actor nephew, who is on the run from a predatory pop singer, a local widow and a crazy elderly hippie both looking for husbands, and a tele-addict bishop.

It all adds up to create an entertaining and funny show.

And the Players are confident it will be an enjoyable evening for the audience.

Group member Ian Blakey said: “We have had great fun rehearsing this play and invite everyone to come and see for themselves how this wonderful comedy unfolds.”

The Players were established in 2007 by a small band of villagers who fancied taking to the stage, but had never acted before.

The group therefore decided that there would always be a part for everyone wishing to perform.

This year, the society had nine members who wished to act – five female and four male.

Mr Blakey said that the Players decided to perform a comedy and searched for one which suited the make-up of the group. After reading several scripts, the Players decided that King’s farce was the one for them.

Mr Blakey said: “I’ll Get My Man met our criteria and is a really good farce set in the 1960s – a period that we all know well.

“We thoroughly enjoyed reading the script, there was a part for everyone and we knew that our audience would be well entertained.”