Weeds hit by weather too as competition approaches

Gordon Brown and Peter Jenkinson get ready for the Beadnell Alternative Flower Show.
Gordon Brown and Peter Jenkinson get ready for the Beadnell Alternative Flower Show.

The recent rain and cloudy skies have been blamed for late flowering bedding plants, rotting strawberries and apples not setting on trees.

However, the villagers of Beadnell are finding the poor weather has had an effect on the ‘super weeds’ people have been cherishing in advance of their Alternative Flower Show next Sunday.

As reported in the Gazette last month, the show is returning after a 25-year absence.

One of the organisers, Jen Hall, said: “When we told people that their plant failures could win a prize they inevitably bragged that their weeds were the biggest in the area.

“But as the summer progresses they are finding weeds too flower then die.

“We’ll have to see what comes in on the day but, at the moment, some of the most confident competitors have gone very quiet.

“Some have returned from holiday to find their weed has withered, and one poor competitor found her mother-in-law had thrown out the dead pot plant she was treasuring for the event.”

The show, which takes place this Sunday in Beadnell WI Hall, also has categories for the smallest carrot, heaviest sponge cake and the craft item you wish you had never started.

It celebrates the worst in horticulture, cookery and hobbies, and there are even classes for children which include most unusual stone and most lifelike drawing of a family member.

Schedules are free from local shops and pubs or it can be found online at the Beadnell Today website – https://www.sites.google.com/site/beadnelltoday/

Entries, which are free, will be accepted from 10am to noon on the day with viewing after 2pm. A £2 schedule covers entrance and refreshments.