Wedding artefacts offer slice of history

One of the cards
One of the cards

Tiny cake cards which date back to as far as the early 20th century and offer an insight into family history have been found in the build-up to an exhibition of vintage wedding dresses and Christening gowns.

Organisers of the event at St Bartholomew’s Church in Whittingham were intrigued after they received an envelope containing a series of small cards, no more than 10cm by 4cm in size.

They would have been sent out with slices of wedding cake.

Written on the items is a statement of compliment from the happy couple and the bride’s surname is arrowed out, indicating that she had dropped it for her married name.

The surnames of the married couples on the cards are Inglis, Dixon, Brown, Dodd, Hilliard, Oliver, Rogerson, Slassor, Ewart and Maddison.

Annabel Lepingwell, who is involved with the exhibition, said: “The cards bear the names of local families, some of whom still live in the village.

“These cards date from 1914 to 1940 and if any families mentioned would like to reclaim this interesting piece of their history, please call 01665 574319.”

The items were found in a skip in the village some years ago and handed over to the local history society.

They stayed in a box until the present secretary, Helen Dinsdale, had a clear-out and found them, just in time for the exhibition.

The display will feature more than 30 wedding dresses and 15 Christening gowns lent by local people.

The event takes place from tomorrow to Monday, from 10.30am to 4pm. It is free, but donations will be welcome. Refreshments available.

The proceeds will be used to replace the heating system, which will make it possible to use the church building as a community asset during the week throughout the year.