When to expect a return of 21°C temperatures from the Met Office's five-day weather forecast

Weather forecasters say the glorious sunshine from earlier in June will not be as much of a feature in the next few days, but it hasn’t completely gone away either.

Monday, 21st June 2021, 2:34 pm

The Met Office says that over the next few days it will be: “Generally cloudy and cool during this period, with outbreaks of rain at times, particularly over high ground. Perhaps drier on Thursday, with bright or sunny spells in the east.”

Temperatures have dropped from their balmier levels of recent weeks and, while we can expect to see some sunshine particularly on Monday evening and most of Tuesday, we won’t be sweltering.

Here is what the Met Office expects between now and the weekend:

Expect to see a mixed bag of weather over the coming days.

The forecast for Monday

After a cloudy start it is expected to be bright. The rest of June 21 should be sunny from around 4pm onward, but with temperatures no higher than 14°C. The bright later weather is good news for those wishing to enjoy the longest day of the year. The sun won’t set until almost 10pm.

The forecast for Tuesday

After the sun rises it will be around for almost all of June 22. Again it will be dry throughout, but with top temperature a modest 14°C with a gentle breeze.

The forecast for Wednesday

Wednesday will be warmer – but cloudier. We don’t expected to see any sunshine, only grey skies throughout. It is at least expected to stay dry and temperatures should peak at around 17°C in the afternoon.

The forecast for Thursday

Thursday, June 24 is predicted by the Met Office to be a mixed bag here in Northumberland. It’s expected to be overcast until mid-afternoon with temperatures expected to reach 21°C.

It will be cloudy all morning, sunny intervals in the afternoon, before clouding over again later in the evening.

The forecast for Friday

The so-so weather is set to continue as we head for the weekend with temperatures no more than 14°C on Friday, which is forecast to begin with sunny intervals and some spots of rain. No more rain is expected after about 2pm, but don’t expect to see any more sun until Sunday.

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