Weather Forecast: Rain and cloud is set for Northumberland

Rain and cloud is on the way.Rain and cloud is on the way.
Rain and cloud is on the way.
Morning cloud is set to change to some heavy rain across Northumberland.

Thursday, October 24, is set for cloud early in the day and this is predicted to change to heavy and light rain patches in the afternoon.

Thankfully, the rain is predicted to clear by the evening and lead to a fairly clear night.

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Forecasters expect a maximum temperature of 13 °C and a chilly minimum temperature of 4 °C. Hats and gloves may be needed for early-risers and late-nighters.

Here is your hour-by-hour forecast showing what to expect from the day ahead.

6am: Cloudy. 9 °C

7am: Cloudy. 9 °C

8am: Cloudy. 9 °C

9am: Cloudy. 10 °C

10am: Cloudy. 10 °C

11am: Light rain. 40% chance of rain

12pm: Cloudy. 11 °C

1pm: Cloudy. 12 °C

2pm: Cloudy. 12 °C

3pm: Sunny intervals. 12 °C

4pm: Sunny intervals. 12 °C

5pm: Sunny intervals. 11 °C

6pm: Clear. 9 °C

7pm: Light shower. 30% chance of rain

8pm: Light shower. 30% chance of rain

9pm: Clear. 7 °C

10pm: Clear. 7 °C

11pm: Clear. 6 °C

There is good news for hay fever sufferers as pollen, pollution and UV levels will be at a low level.

Met Office forecasters predict that rain is set to clear on Friday morning remaining mainly dry and often sunny. However, showers will hit on Friday evening.

Rain is also expected on Saturday but Sunday is predicted to be a sunnier day.