Tips to help you sleep better in hot weather.

Top tips for better sleep as North East is hit by heatwave

It’s set to be a scorcher across the North East this week, with balmy temperatures of up to 27C expected across the region.

Wednesday, 24th July 2019, 5:32 pm

While many of us rejoice and stock up on barbecue supplies and paddling pools, others will recoil at the prospect of the hot, stuffy nights that inevitably come with the hot, sunny days. We all know the importance of a getting a good night’s sleep to leave you refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead. For those dreading the high-temperature nights, Mahmuda Khatun, Medical Expert at Instant eCare, has some top tips that will soothe you into a deep slumber. See if any of this lot will help you.

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