Thunderstorm warning: Met Office issues Yellow alert for heavy rain

It’s bad news for the summer holidays – it’s time to say goodbye to the sunshine and hello to yet more rain.

By Debra Fox
Monday, 29 July, 2019, 11:22

Met Office forecasters have issued a range of Yellow warnings for thunderstorms, covering various areas of Scotland and England.

But how is the North East going to fare with the latest forecast?

Heavy rain is forecast for parts of the region on Wednesday, July 31 – but if the current weather report is correct, it looks like much of the North East will escape the worst of this latest bout of thunder and lightning.

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Wednesday and Thursday, August 1 will be wet but mild days across the North East with temperatures of up to 18°C.

If you’re heading out, it will be best to pack a rain jacket with the heaviest showers forecast between 7am and 10am on Wednesday.

For those elsewhere in the country, there could be localised flooding, lightning strikes and delays to travel.

Thunderstorms are forecast for later this week - but is the North East affected?