Thunderstorm warning for Northumberland as heavy rain is set to hit region

Heavy rain and thunderstorms could bring a chance of flooding and travel disruption could be in store for the region as a weather warning is issued by the Met Office.

Wednesday, 31st July 2019, 7:55 am
Thunderstorms could hit the North East according to the Met Office weather warning
Thunderstorms could hit the North East according to the Met Office weather warning

The Yellow warning of rain covers the North East, as well as other areas of Northern England, and is set to last until midnight.

In addition to concerns about heavy downpour and some thunderstorms, it warns there will be spray and flooding which could lead to difficult driving conditions and some road closures, bus and rail cancellations and possible power cuts due to flooding and lightning.

Specifically in the North East, the rain is expected to be heavy and persistent at times, with a chance of thunder.

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Early on, it is set to be cloudy and wet, with outbreaks of rain turning persistent and heavy in places through the morning.

Cloud will break to give some brighter and drier intervals, however further heavy showers, perhaps with thunder, then possible through the afternoon.

The maximum temperature will be 21 °C.

Tonight, the daytime showers will ease, although a few spots of rain remain possible.

Some clearer intervals will develop, however patchy low cloud and mist are likely to move inland from the North Sea.

The minimum temperature will be 12 °C.

Tomorrow, early mist and cloud breaking will move on to brighter spells.

Further showers are likely, especially across the Pennines and coasts.

These will generally be less intense than previous days, however the odd heavy burst possible.

The maximum temperature will be 20 °C.