This is when it will rain at the weekend in Northumberland

The sun will be showing its face over the next two days but rain is on its way.

Friday, 11th October 2019, 7:10 am
Rain forecast for Northumberland on Sunday
Rain forecast for Northumberland on Sunday

Friday, October 11, is expected to be sunny throughout most of the day with temperatures reaching a high of 14°C.

It will remain fairly breezy – with gusts of wind expected to reach 39mph – but this is expected to ease off as the weekend progresses.

The Met Office expects another sunny day on Saturday, October 12, with long spells of sunshine throughout most of the day.

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Clouds will then descend in the evening and temperatures will drop to 8°C overnight.

But rain is forecast for Sunday morning – with heavy spells expected between 10am and 4pm.

Long spells of rain will have changed to cloud by around 7pm.

It isn’t expected to be any warmer than 11°C and it will feel cooler.