Temperatures set to increase as a mini-heatwave approaches

Temperatures in Sunderland set to increase next weekTemperatures in Sunderland set to increase next week
Temperatures in Sunderland set to increase next week
We have started the week with thunder, rain, and strong winds – but things are are about to change.

It has not felt like a good start to the summer this week, but the forecast for the weather across the North East is giving us a little bit of hope.


Backhouse Park, SunderlandBackhouse Park, Sunderland
Backhouse Park, Sunderland

The Met Office has predicted that, by Wednesday evening, the region will start to enjoy some sunny spells, as the temperature is set to increase.


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Thursday should see some sunshine after early cloud cover clears. Friday will feel drier with sunny spells, but the coast will be cloudier with some blustery winds, as wind speed reaches around 17mph.


The outlook into next week shows that the mercury will only be hitting the low teens until Saturday, where it is set to rocket up to a respectful 21°C.


Sunday will be a lot fresher than in recent weeks, with sunny spells and some occasional showers. However the southern part of the region will stay dry, warm and humid as the temperature increases.



By Monday, the fresher conditions will spread across the North East. Thereafter, as we go into early July the most likely scenario is for a continuation for warm weather, with the North East feeling like summer should.


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There is  however potential for thundery weather to return, but this is more likely in the southern parts of the UK.


It is likely that the North East will see occasional spells of dry and fine weather, as temperatures will return closer to normal after a potentially very warm or hot spell of weather at the start of the next week.


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