Striking photos of summer storms across the UK

The UK has been sizzling in warm summer temperatures this week, with some parts reaching highs over 30C

Wednesday, 12th August 2020, 3:58 pm

Many areas saw this build of hot weather culminate in dramatic thunderstorms on Tuesday night (11 August), as lightning bolts lit the skies with bright flashes, and heavy thunder and rain were witnessed by a multitude of spectators. These are some of the best images captured of the storms.

The sky lit up bright purple as lightning hit Falkirk, Scotland, on Tuesday night (Photo: The Kilted Photographer)
The skies above the Malvern Hills, located in the South of England, lit up in bright purple, blue and pinks as thunderstorms hit (Photo: Andy Ball)

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A multitude of lightning bolts flashed above the Malvern Hills (Photo: Andy Ball)
A dramatic bolt of lightning lit the skies of Endon, Staffordshire (Photo: Joe Porter)
Skies grew dark in Staffordshire as thunder rumbled and lightning hit (Photo: Joe Porter)
Parts of the UK saw dramatic thunderstorms, with bright flashes of lightning set among a deep, dark backdrop (Photo: Connor/Fwlxr)
Deep thunder rumbled over many parts of the UK on Tuesday night, including the South of England (Photo: Andy Ball)