Northumberland weather: Sunshine will break through but blustery conditions will see the temperature drop

It won’t get any warmer than 13°C in Northumberland on Wednesday, October 9.

Wednesday, 9th October 2019, 7:00 am
Autumn time at Alnwick Castle
Autumn time at Alnwick Castle

Autumn is well and truly here and the cooler weather is certainly settling in.

The temperature isn’t expected to rise above 13°C although there will be sunny intervals throughout the day.

But breezy and blustery conditions will mean it won’t actually feel any warmer than just 9°C.

The morning will start cloudy with the sun expected to break through from the early afternoon.

It will be a fairly clear night but it won’t fall below 10°C.

A Met Office spokesman said: “Weather conditions on Wednesday similar to Tuesday with breezy conditions.

“A bright day with sunny spells and some blustery showers, which could be heavy. Maximum temperature 13 °C.”

It is set to remain cloudy for the rest of the week and it isn’t forecast to top 14°C.”