Northumberland weather forecast for Christmas week including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Christmas is less than a week away, and so far the weather has been quite unsettled, looking forward what does the Met Office predict for next week?

Friday, 20th December 2019, 12:50 pm
Updated Friday, 20th December 2019, 1:50 pm
This is what the weather will be like in Northumberland over the festive period.

Christmas is only a week away, so what is the weather going to be like?

Friday, December 20:

Friday will be mostly cloudy and it’s likely there will be some wet and windy conditions, temperatures will reach 7C and wind speed is likely to reach around 12mph.

Saturday, December 21:

The weather is expected to become less unsettled, but it will remain overcast and chilly, with temperatures will reaching just 5C.

Sunday, December 22:

Sunday is set to remain cloudy but becoming sunny around lunchtime with temperatures reaching highs of just 5C.

The wind speed will be 8mph.

Monday, December 23:

Monday looks set to be the best day of the week with cloud giving way to sunny intervals by late morning.

There will be highs of 6C and maximum wind speeds of 13mph.

Tuesday, December 24:

The overall outlook for Christmas Eve is quite positive as the sun will begin to shine around 12pm to reveal a sunny day for all and temperatures will be around 5C.

It will be a breezy day however, as wind speed will reach about 14mph.

Wednesday, December 25:

A cold spell will move in on Christmas morning, with temperatures starting out at 4C and will reach 6C, but will appear colder due to winds moving in from the south.

It will remain cloudy for most of the day but with some sunny spells.

Thursday, December 26:

Thursday will be cloudy with highs of 5C and lows of 3C.

The Met Office UK outlook for Boxing Day to New Year said: “How long any such quieter, somewhat colder spell lasts is very uncertain, but there is a possibility that it could last to the end of next week.

“However it seems more likely that the weather will become more changeable again with near normal temperatures, particularly in the north and west, with more spells of rain and strong winds.”