Northumberland is set a day of cloud as the heavy rain takes a break

We've seen plenty of rain hit the area recently but cloud is set to take over Northumberland.

Monday, 30th September 2019, 7:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 4:17 pm
Expect a day of cloud.

The Met Office has predicted less heavy rainfall as a new week begins.

Sunday, September 29 saw plenty of rain fall and now cloud is set to be in sky over Northumberland.

Will the sun shine on Monday, September 30?

The day is set to be overall cloudy with very little chance of sun.

Expect a dry and chilly start. Cloud will appear by lunchtime, with a possible isolated shower but a lot less rain than there has been. A maximum temperature of 12 °C and a minimum temperature of 9 °C is predicted.

6am: Cloudy. 11 °C

7am: Cloudy. 11 °C

8am: Sunny intervals. 12 °C

9am: Cloudy. 11 °C

10am: Overcast. 10 °C

11am: Overcast. 11 °C

12pm: Cloudy. 13 °C

1pm: Overcast. 11 °C

2pm: Overcast. 11 °C

3pm: Overcast. 11 °C

4pm: Overcast. 10 °C

5pm: Overcast. 10 °C

6pm: Overcast. 10 °C

7pm: Overcast. 10 °C

8pm: Overcast. 10 °C

9pm: Overcast. 10 °C

10pm: Overcast. 10 °C

11pm: Light rain. 40% chance of rain.

Pollen, pollution and UV levels will remain low.

The rest of the week is set for a mix of cloud and small amounts of rain. However, The Met Office is forecasting the weather to be a largely dry and bright week with some rain and wind increasing in the evenings.