Northumberland looks forward to a warm, dry but cloudy Tuesday

The sun is set to give Northumberland a miss today.

Tuesday, 10th September 2019, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 10th September 2019, 7:00 am
Northumberland is set for a cloudy day today

The Met Office forecast for the North East says early mist, fog and low cloud will soon clear to leave a largely dry and fine day with brighter spells and increasing amounts of sunshine for some parts of the region, although there is a a chance of isolated afternoon showers.

Maximum temperature 18 °C.

Wednesday will be windy, with sunshine and showers after overnight rain.

Rain will spreading quickly on Thursday, heaviest across the Pennines, with warmer and drier weather for some eastern parts.

Friday will be dry and sunny.

6am: Cloudy. Maximum 11C.

7am: Cloudy. Maximum 11C.

8am: Cloudy. Maximum 12C.

9am: Cloudy. Maximum 12C.

10am: Cloudy. Maximum 13C.

11am: Cloudy. Maximum 13C.

Noon: Cloudy. Maximum 14C.

1pm: Cloudy. Maximum 14C.

2pm: Cloudy. Maximum 15C.

3pm: Cloudy. Maximum 15C.

4pm: Cloudy. Maximum 15C.

5pm: Cloudy. Maximum 15C.

6pm: Cloudy. Maximum 15C.

7pm: Cloudy. Maximum 13C.

8pm: Cloudy. Maximum 13C.

9pm: Light rain. Maximum 12C.

10pm: Heavy rain. Maximum 12C.

11pm: Heavy rain. Maximum 12C.