Northumberland is set for cloud and some light showers on Monday, July 29

The Met Office predicts plenty of cloud and some showers throughout the day.

By Faye Dixon
Monday, 29th July 2019, 6:53 am
Updated Monday, 29th July 2019, 7:53 am
Cloud will be a consistent visitor to Northumberland
Cloud will be a consistent visitor to Northumberland

What will the weather be like during the day on Monday, July 29?

The morning will start off cloudy which will continue for the day. Patchy rain will appear in the afternoon in areas and brighter spells look unlikely to spread. Spray on the roads will be likely though and a brolly may be needed if you are heading out. A maximum temperature of 19 °C is predicted.

How does the weather look for the night?

Dry with spells of sunshine is predicted for the evening but the constant cloud will remain. The low cloud may even develop across the hills later in the night but he rain will ease. It is set to be a much cooler night with a minimum temperature of 12 °C.

Is tomorrow set for more rain?

That isn’t likely.

Dry spells of sunshine is set for the whole of Northumberland and it looks to be a much brighter day. It will continue to remain dry with clear spells, however some low cloud may develop across the hills in the night with a minimum temperature of 20 °C.

What will the rest of the week be like?

Sunny spells and showers are set for the week with some turning heavy with a not so summery outlook. However, it will continue to feel largely warm, but maybe cooler by the coast where it will be cloudy with a consistent onshore breeze at times.