Northumberland hour-by-hour weather forecast for Bank Holiday weekend heatwave

Enjoying the sun at Druridge Bay beachEnjoying the sun at Druridge Bay beach
Enjoying the sun at Druridge Bay beach
The last Bank Holiday weekend of the year is here – so will it be a scorcher or a wash-out?

The August Bank Holiday is traditionally a damp disappointment – but the Met Office says this year is set to be different.

Chief Meteorologist Andy Page said: “This weekend sees a change for many with a return of high temperatures and sunshine. On Saturday and Sunday there’ll be plenty of sunshine, especially in the east, with temperatures rising into the mid to high 20s Celsius for many - it’ll be warmest in south-eastern parts where 31-32˚C is likely. Western parts are likely to see more cloud, and a probable cooling trend through the weekend.

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Several heat health alerts have been issued in partnership with Public Health England nationwide for the weekend.

The dry, sunny weather will continue for many areas next week, especially in the south, though conditions in the north and northwest conditions will turn more unsettled.

“By Monday temperatures are likely to be lower than the weekend with the warmest weather becoming confined to the south east. Meanwhile, it will become increasingly unsettled in the northwest with rain and showers at times.”

The forecast from now until Monday says the weather is set to remain dry, with plenty of sunshine throughout the three days.

Here’s a roundup of the weekend's forecast.

Saturday morning:

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Any mist or fog quickly clearing, then bright sunshine all morning, with a maximum temperature of 21C.

9am – 17C but cloudy

10am – 20C with sunny intervals

11am – 20C and sunny

12pm – 20C and sunny

Saturday afternoon and evening:

Fine, dry and sunny all day, with maximum of 21C. Dry overnight with clear periods. Maximum temperature 27 °C.

1pm – 20C and sunny

2pm – 20C and sunny

3pm - 21C and sunny

4pm – 21C and sunny

5pm – 21C and sunny

6pm – 21C and sunny

7pm – 20C and sunny

8pm – 19C with clear skies

9pm – 19C with clear skies

10pm – 18C with clear skies

Sunday morning:

Ten per cent chance of rain first thing, with cloud cover clearing quickly. Maximum 21C

7am – 17C with sunny intervals

8am – 17C with sunny intervals

9am – 18C with sunny intervals

10am – 19C with sunny intervals

11am – 20C with sunny intervals

12pm – 21C with sunny intervals

Sunday afternoon and evening:

Bright sunshine all afternoon, with scattered cloud cover returning in the evening. Maximum 22C

1pm – 21C with sunny intervals

2pm – 21C with sunny intervals

3pm – 21C and sunny

4pm – 21C and sunny

5pm – 21C and sunny

6pm – 21C and sunny

7pm – 20C and sunny

8pm – 20C and sunny

9pm – 19C and clear skies

10pm –19C and clear skies

11pm – 19C and clear skies

Monday morning:

Dry, with bright sunshine all morning and a maximum of 18C

7am – 16C and sunny

10am – 19C and sunny

Monday afternoon and evening:

Dry and still sunny, though with scattered cloud later. Maximum 21C.

1pm – 22C and sunny

4pm – 23C and sunny

7pm – 22C and sunny

10pm – 19C and sunny