Hour-by-hour weather forecast as thunderstorms and hail expected in parts of Northumberland

Thunder and hail is on the way for Northumberland as the Met Office issues a yellow warning of thunderstorms across the North East.

Sunday, 8th August 2021, 11:29 am

The yellow warning of thunderstorms has been put in place across the North East, with thunder and hail predicted for Northumberland on Sunday, August 8.

After a cloudy start, the Met Office expects heavy rain and thunder for Northumberland across much of the day.

According to the Met Office, showers and potential thunderstorms will be seen across the North East region, with rain most likely starting in the afternoon before beginning to clear in the evening.

Thunder and hail is on the way for Northumberland, according to the Met Office

Here’s an hour-by-hour forecast for Northumberland on Sunday, when temperatures will peak around 17ºC with rain and thunder expected for most of the afternoon.

10am: Northumberland weather will be cloudy and dry with temperatures of 17ºC

11am: Cloudy, dry and 17ºC

12pm: Cloudy, dry and 16ºC

1pm: Cloudy, dry and 16ºC

2pm: Cloudy, dry and 17ºC

3pm: Cloudy, dry and 17ºC

4pm: Light rain and 17ºC

5pm: Thunder storms and 16ºC

6pm: Heavy showers and 16 ºC

7pm: Hail showers and 15 ºC

8pm: Cloudy and 15ºC

9pm: Cloudy, and 15ºC

10pm: Cloudy and 15ºC

11pm: Cloudy and 15ºC

The Met Office says many places in the North East will start off dry with sunny spells before showers develop widely in the afternoon with a chance of hail and thunder.

It also states that tonight showers and thunderstorms will begin fading from most areas in the region with a few showers continuing through the night.

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