Hour-by-hour Northumberland weather forecast and a look to the week ahead as heavy rain hits the county

This is what you can expect from the weather across Northumberland this week, according to Met Office forecasters.

Sunday, 31st October 2021, 1:03 pm

Heavy rain hit the county for most of the morning on Sunday, October 31, with forecasters expecting it to ease slightly throughout Halloween afternoon.

The rain is predicted to dry up by early Sunday evening and forecasters are anticipating that it will remain dry for much of the week ahead.

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This is what you can expect from the weather in Northumberland this week.

Forecasters are expecting the weather to be much cooler than in previous weeks, with temperatures averaging around 10°C.

This is what you can expect from the weather in Northumberland this week, according to the Met Office:

Sunday, October 31

12pm: Heavy rain, 10°C.

1pm: Heavy rain, 10°C.

2pm: Cloudy, 10°C.

3pm: Sunny, 10°C.

4pm: Sunny, 9°C.

5pm: Light shower, 9°C.

6pm: Heavy shower, 9°C.

7pm: Heavy shower, 8°C.

8pm: Light shower, 8°C.

9pm: Cloudy, 8°C.

10pm: Partly, 8°C.

11pm: Partly cloudy, 7°C.

Monday, November 1

Forecasters are predicting a cloudy but dry start to November, with strong winds along the coast.

There is a chance of some sunny spells throughout the morning and temperatures will feel cooler than in previous days, with highs of 11°C.

Tuesday, November 2

Another cloudy start is forecast for Tuesday morning, with temperatures expected to sit around 7°C for the start of the day.

It's due to warm up in the afternoon, with some sunny spells forecast. Temperatures will reach daily highs of 10°C.

Wednesday, November 3

Met Office forecasters are predicting cloudy spells throughout Wednesday.

It is also expected to be colder than previous days, with highs of 9°C.

Thursday, November 4

It’s expected to be a bright start to Thursday with some sunny spells throughout the morning and into the afternoon.

Turning cloudy as we head towards the evening, with highs of 9°C.

Friday, November 5

A bright but cold start is predicted for Friday, with some sunny spells. Temperatures are not expected to climb above 6°C.

The weather should warm up by midday, with highs of 11°C forecast.

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