Flood alert across north east as Met Office issues two yellow warnings for heavy rain

A flood warning has been issuedA flood warning has been issued
A flood warning has been issued
Warnings for heavy and prolonged rainfall have been issued for the north east.

The Met Office has issued the yellow weather warnings for heavy rain and thunderstorms, and advised that local flooding could hit parts of the North East.

The yellow weather alert for heavy rain has been issued across the North East from Friday, August 9 2019.

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However, even when the region gets through the worst of the bad weather on Friday, the Met Office has also issued a second yellow weather warning for thunderstorms on Saturday, August 10 2019.

The Met Office has issued two weather warningsThe Met Office has issued two weather warnings
The Met Office has issued two weather warnings

Here’s what to expect on Friday, August 9

Storms of heavy rain will hit the region on the morning, with more than 95% chance of rain and a temperature of around 16°C. This will improve slightly by the afternoon, as the chance of rain will fall to around 40%. However, the rain is expected to continue throughout the evening and into the night.

The Met Office said, “A band of heavy rain, with the possibility of some very heavy bursts, will move northwards during Thursday night and Friday.

“Within this band 10-15 mm is widely expected, however some places could see as much as 30 mm in just a few hours. Once the rain has cleared scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop, particularly during Friday.”

What the weather will be like on Saturday, August 10

According to the Met Office, it is not looking good.

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The band of rain from the Friday will continue into the night and early hours of Saturday. This will become heavier by the late morning, with around 70% chances of rain.

The Met Office, issuing the yellow warning for thunderstorms on Saturday said: “Heavy, and occasionally thundery showers, are expected to develop during Friday evening or night and continue through Saturday.

“Whilst many areas will miss the worst of these thundery showers, a few spots could see 15-25 mm within an hour and 30-40 mm within three hours. These heavy showers will tend to ease during Saturday evening and night.”

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