A splash of colour across North East skies on Tuesday, December 14 as the sun set.

Bring some colour to your day with these fantastic North East sunset pictures

Families across the North East were looking to the skies on Tuesday, December 14 as the region enjoyed a spectacular sunset.

The sky was bathed in an eye-catching palette of orange, pink, purple and yellow as we bade farewell to another day – and you just can’t beat that winter light for a perfect picture.

As we continue to be dazzled by the region’s beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the Met Office has explained why we see changing colours during these natural spectacles.

Light travels through the atmosphere to us in invisible waves – and though it may look white, it’s made up of different colours.

Each colour has a different wavelength, with red created by a longer wavelength than blue.

The service said: “At sunrise and sunset, the sun is very low in the sky, which means that the sunlight we see has travelled through a much thicker amount of atmosphere.

"Because blue light is scattered more strongly by the atmosphere, it tends to be scattered several times and deflected away in other directions before it gets to us.

"This means that there is relatively more yellow and red light left for us to see.”

Budding photographers across the region were getting snap happy, and here we’re rounding up some of the fantastic pictures they took as the sun set on Tuesday afternoon.

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