A mixed bag of sun, cloud and showers is set for Northumberland

It's a mixed bag for the weather 
Picture by Jane ColtmanIt's a mixed bag for the weather 
Picture by Jane Coltman
It's a mixed bag for the weather Picture by Jane Coltman
It’s a mixed forecast for Northumberland with patchy showers.

The Met Office forecast for the North East says that the early showers and rain will lead to a dry and sunny day but for Northumberland, afternoon showers are predicted.

The day should get off to a drizzly start with light showers but sun and cloud is predicted to develop later.

It will turn drier by evening with much more cloud to come.

Pollution and pollen levels will remain low.

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Sunrise is estimated for around 6.20am and sunset should take place at around 7.45pm.

This is what to expect on Friday, September 6

The hour by hour forecast shows a mixture of rain and sun.

This is when showers are set to end.

6am: Cloudy. Maximum 13°C.

7am: Cloudy. Maximum 13°C.

8am: Sunny intervals. Maximum 14°C.

9am: Sunny intervals. Maximum 15°C.

10am: Sunny. Maximum 15°C.

11am: Sunny intervals. Maximum 15°C.

12pm: Sunny intervals. Maximum 15°C.

1pm: Cloudy. Maximum 15°C.

2pm: Cloudy. Maximum 15°C.

3pm: Light shower. Maximum 15°C.

4pm: Sunny intervals. Maximum 15°C.

5pm: Light shower. Maximum 16°C.

6pm: Sunny. Maximum 15°C.

7pm: Sunny intervals. Maximum 15°C.

8pm: Cloudy. Maximum 14°C.

9pm: Clear. Maximum 14°C.

10pm: Clear. Maximum 14°C.

11pm: Cloudy. Maximum 13°C.

Will the weekend be any better?

Showers are due to die down as the weekend approaches. On Saturday, September 7, sunny intervals will stick around and it will be largely dry. A chilly start should be expected for Sunday, September 8, then a dry and bright day should grace us for the Great North Run.