Flooding at the Caistron Lakes in Upper Coquetdale.

10 pictures show how flooding of the River Coquet in Northumberland has changed the Caistron Lakes

Flooding has resulted in the River Coquet breaking through into the Caistron Lakes.

By Ian Smith
Tuesday, 9th February 2021, 12:14 pm

Around half of the river has dramatically changed its course through Upper Coquetdale.

The floods were captured on camera by local resident Paul Allen.

He said: “My wife Ros and I have enjoyed regular walks around the lakes but that will be a thing of the past now.

"Over recent years we have commented that after each flood the river bank is being eroded away at an alarming rate and that it would only be a matter of time before the river breaks through and finds a new course to follow. Hence why I went over on Friday evening sensing that this flood may be the one to do the cut through.

“Having walked through the start of the overflow, it was awesome to see what has happened. Not only has the bank I walked along gone but now the track around the north east end of the lakes is also impassable due to the new channels over it where the river exits the lakes.”

Take a look at these 10 pictures taken by Paul Allen.

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