WEATHER WARNING UPDATE: High winds set to sweep across Northumberland on Saturday

Weather warnings are in force
Weather warnings are in force

A second weather warning has been issued today as a ‘very vigorous depression’ is set to bring high winds and desruption to Northumberland on Saturday.

Following the earlier warning of powerful gusts across northern Britain on Friday, the Met Office has predicted another ‘very vigorous depression’ is likely to run quickly eastwards, passing to the north of Scotland on Saturday. This is expected to bring very strong westerly winds to many northern and central parts of the UK, including Northumberland, on Saturday.

Gusts of 60-70mph are likely, but the winds should gradually ease from the west later in the day.

The public should be aware that disruption to transport and possibly power supplies could occur.

The Met Office issued the yellow warning (the least severe of the three levels) at 12.13pm and it is valid from five minutes past midnight to 6pm on Saturday.

It had earlier warned of high winds in northern Britain on Friday. A similar depression is expected to develop over the Atlantic during Thursday along with a very strong jet stream. It is likely to run rapidly east northeast to pass northern Scotland early on Friday bringing a brief period of very strong westerly winds to many northern areas of Britain.

Gusts of 60-70mph are likely across much of Scotland, including the Borders, and northern parts of Northern Ireland, but winds should quickly ease from the west on Friday morning.

The Met Office has also asked the public in surrounding areas to look out for warning updates as ‘there remains some uncertainty in the precise track and depth of this depression and therefore the exact strength and location of the strongest winds’. The public should be aware of the potential for disruption to transport.