We want your questions for MP candidates

What matters to you as you go to the ballot box?
What matters to you as you go to the ballot box?

The Gazette wants to know what issues matter to you ahead of the General Election in May so that we can ask the candidates.

We will be running a series of video interviews with all five of the candidates that have so far announced they are running in the Berwick-upon-Tweed constituency.

In the race so far are Nigel Coghill-Marshall (Ukip), Scott Dickinson (Labour), Julie Pörksen (Liberal Democrat), Rachael Roberts (Green) and Anne-Marie Trevelyan (Conservative).

Whoever wins will be the first new MP for Berwick in more than 40 years, as Sir Alan Beith’s career in Parliament comes to an end.

If any other candidates put their hats into the ring prior to the deadline on Thursday, April 9, we will endeavour to involve them in the process as well.

Send your questions or issues to ben.oconnell@jpress.co.uk or call 01665 602234.

We will ask the same questions to each of the candidates so we want questions relating to issues and policies, not directed at individuals.

l Alnwick Area Friends of the Earth is hosting an Environmental Question Time event in Alnwick on Tuesday, March 31.

The panel will comprise Nigel Coghill-Marshall, Julie Pörksen, Rachael Roberts and Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

Members of the public are invited to attend the event at 7.30pm at St James’s Church Centre, Pottergate, where they can submit questions for the panel. Admission is free, but donations are welcome and refreshments will be available.

Questions on an environmental theme are encouraged, but all issues are open for discussion.

The group says: “The overarching issue of our time – climate change – demands that human beings fundamentally change the way in which they live their lives. If we fail to act decisively now, then our children will bear the consequences.

“Do our potential politicians understand the seriousness of the threat?

“Do they have the ability and the policies to lead us to the bright future we know is possible for both humanity and planet Earth?”