‘We want to shame owners over dog poo near school’

Parents and children who are concerned about dog mess near to Wooler First School.
Parents and children who are concerned about dog mess near to Wooler First School.

A group of mums in a north Northumberland village is kicking up a stink at the amount of dog dirt soiling the streets outside school.

The parents are reaching the end of their tether over the level of dog mess on the pavements outside Wooler First School in Ryecroft Way.

Charlotte Robson, who lives in Chatton now, but has children at the the first school, told the Gazette: “It’s really bad along there now.

“Parents park their cars on the pavement close to the wall and then step straight into dog mess which is rather unpleasant.

“There have been people with pram wheels going through it and one toddler walked along and got it all up his legs.

“It’s always been quite bad there because it’s part of a little loop to walk around Wooler, but I would say it’s got worse.”

And it’s not like dog owners would struggle to dispose of their pets’ poo in that area of the village.

“The sad thing is there’s a dog bin outside the school,” Charlotte said.

“And I think they have started to hang bags there so there’s no excuse.”

She explained that some of the mums have got their children to design posters which they want to put around the school to try to shame people into not leaving their dog mess around.

“We hope that we can make people feel guilty about not cleaning up after their dogs.”

The parents had an informal meeting and are also considering getting a team together to clear the pavements of dog mess a few times a week before the school run.

Wooler Parish Council raised the issue of dog fouling as recently as last week and called on residents to pick up after their pooches. Rings will be sprayed around piles of poo to show owners their actions are not going unnoticed.

As well as via the county council’s website, people can report an offender by calling 0845 600 6400 or sending an email to ask@northumberland.gov.uk

This can be done anonymously, as much information as possible is helpful.