We’re not going to take any more

Addycombe Gardens, Rothbury. Home of June Clifford.
Addycombe Gardens, Rothbury. Home of June Clifford.

POLICE are taking a zero-tolerance approach against a nuisance neighbour who has caused chaos in her community.

June Clifford, 55, of Addycombe Gardens in Rothbury, was given a two-year criminal anti-social behaviour order (Crasbo) last June after repeatedly harassing her neighbours and members of the public while drunk.

June Clifford CRASBO.

June Clifford CRASBO.

The terms of the Crasbo first stated that Clifford was forbidden to be drunk in her street but, after further disorder, it was extended to cover most of Rothbury after an application from police..

But since the order was put in place, Clifford – known locally as Scary Mary – has continued to terrorise her neighbours and cause a headache for police.

Since the beginning of the year, Clifford has breached her Crasbo three times as well as appearing in court on public order and criminal damage charges.

Now Alnwick Neighbourhood Inspector Sue Peart has said the force will be cracking down on Clifford.

“People in Rothbury must be absolutely fed-up with this woman’s behaviour,” she said.

“Unfortunately she is the type of person who gets drunk and causes a nuisance.

“We have gone to great lengths to help her get her life back on track and she has thrown that back in our faces.

“That is the way I like to police, look at the root cause of the issue and tackle it to get the person the appropriate help or use diversionary tactics.

“It gives people support and a chance. But when they throw that back in your face time after time, what can you do?

“We have a duty of care to protect the wider public who are constantly being harassed by her.”

One resident of Addycombe Gardens, who has been a victim of Clifford’s harassment and witnessed her behaviour on numerous occasions, said she is a ‘nightmare’.

“Every opportunity she gets, especially when she’s been drinking, she shouts abuse and screams,” said the resident.

“One day she said ‘I know your name now, are you scared of me? I’m not scared of her but I am scared of what she might do.”

Police are now urging all members of the Rothbury community to report any anti-social behaviour which they see being committed by Clifford.

Insp Peart added: “I would like to stress that over the period of time that she has come to our notice we have tried so many interventions to get help for the issues that cause her behaviour.

“She chose not to co-operate with that, therefore as a result we have a zero-tolerance policy with her.

“If anybody in the village finds her breaching her Asbo I urge them to tell the police.

“When she breaches her order we put her before the court but our role finishes there.

“There is nothing we can do with the way the courts deal with people.”

Legal proceedings are also under way between Homes for Northumberland and Clifford.

Clifford was unavailable for comment.