We point the finger at dirty dog owner

A DIRTY dog owner has been identified to the Gazette after being spotted letting his pet soil a pavement in Alnwick – just moments after it was cleaned by county council workers.

We have now passed his name on to the authority following the complaint, which was raised with the chairman of the town’s chamber of trade, Carlo Biagioni.

He said: “This person came down Clayport Bank with his dogs, just as the street cleaning team had finished on the pavements there. They couldn’t believe their eyes as he let one of his dogs foul and then walked away, making no effort to clean up the mess.

“I just don’t understand it. We would like to see more members of the public getting involved in helping to stamp this kind of behaviour out.”

But he added: “Since the Gazette campaign started, I have noticed that there has been less dog mess on the streets, so it is having an effect. However, it is still very important to keep the pressure on and we would encourage the public to play their part.”

And further backing for our campaign has been received from Alnwick in Bloom.

Chairman Tom Pattinson said: “It is vital that we ensure our town is as clean and pleasant as possible, not just because the annual competition is about to begin, but for the benefit of everyone. We fully support the Gazette’s campaign and hope dog owners will heed its message.”

And there has been action elsewhere in the wake of our coverage.

Following our report on dog fouling in Seahouses last week, reader Sue Clement rang in to say that the county council had removed 15 dog-waste bags which had been dumped in a single day at St Aidans, due to a lack of bins along the half-mile stretch.

She said: “I rang the council number printed in the Gazette and they came out within 24 hours, which I cannot fault them on.”

Residents are now contacting the National Trust – which owns the land on the seaward side of St Aidans – to ask for more bins to be provided.