We liked it – a lot!

IN the words of Paul Daniels his second visit to the Alnwick Playhouse on Tuesday was ‘wowee woowee wee’!

He had the audience laughing within seconds of appearing on stage and didn’t let them stop until the curtains closed.

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow was a mixture of magic and comedy. It starred the world-famous magician, his glamorous assistant and wife, the lovely Debbie McGee, son Martin Daniels and his partner Andi Mac.

And while there weren’t any big effects, there didn’t need to be, it was magic and comedy at its best, pure and simple.

Introducing himself as an ‘international sex symbol and body builder’ he started with a few gags, including a few lines about his toupee, which was soon removed, and a card trick to warm up the audience. And, as with most of his shows, he makes sure that those who have paid to see him get their chance to take part – and hand over cash not knowing if they will get it back!

First, a nine-year-old girl was suspended in the air on a board, while at the end of the show, two men were thrown out of and stuck to chairs.

And one of them had a £20 note taken off him which ended up inside a walnut which was inside an egg that was inside a lemon!

The old ones are the best and the rabbit in a hat and cup and ball tricks went down a storm.

In between the comedy and magic, he also dropped in comments about Alnwick and Barter Books, which he described as one of the two best bookshops in the country.

To round off the first-half, Martin took to the stage and had the audience in even more fits of laughter.

His one-liners, hysterical unanswerable questions and witty quips were brilliant, but the fact that they were performed while he was swinging around a glass of Coca Cola sitting in a snooker triangle attached to a dog lead, made for fantastic viewing.

And who could forget the lovely Debbie McGee, who looked stunning while performing her tricks.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening, a brilliant crowd and a superb show. I didn’t just like it, I loved it.

Alnwick Rotary Club was collecting funds at the event and was given a special mention on stage by Paul Daniels – who, along with his wife, is a Paul Harris Fellowship holder. After the show, a special meet-and-greet session was held at which fans were able to have merchandise signed and pictures taken with the stars.

Debbie said: “This is the first time I have been to Alnwick and it is a beautiful place. I’ve had a great time here tonight.”

Paul added: “The Playhouse is such a good theatre and everyone needs to continue to support it. It’s like muscles, if you don’t use them you lose them. People need to go to the theatre, it’s 3D without glasses, it’s cheaper than a football match, it lasts longer than a football match and a bad theatre show is better than a good television show.”

Martin, who will be touring his own show next year, said: “Alnwick and the Playhouse are gorgeous and I will hopefully be back. I’m certainly going to bring my children up here to see the Castle.”