‘We don’t need more private homes’

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A councillor has hit out at plans to increase the number of homes in Rothbury.

In the Northumberland Local Plan, it is proposed to increase the number of homes in the village and surrounding areas by 5.1 per cent, by 2031.

This would mean up to another 380 properties being built.

But Coun Steven Bridgett has said that the area already has enough private homes, and at present there are more than 100 up for sale.

“From the figures presented by the county council Rothbury has already had a growth of 21 per cent over the last 10 years,” he said.

“The lower figure of 260 homes over the life of the plan is a more appropriate one for Rothbury.”

He added that it would be more beneficial to build more council-owned housing in the area to allow people to stay rather than moving away.