Water feature off at Paddlers Park due to drainage issues

The water feature at Paddlers Park, Amble
The water feature at Paddlers Park, Amble

The water feature at Paddlers Park is currently out of action due to drainage problems.

The water will not be turned on until the issue is resolved, but the town council hopes that it will soon be working properly.

In May, the children’s play area will be fenced off as the old wetpour safety surface is being removed and a new one installed.

A town-council statement, which will be printed in the upcoming edition of The Ambler, reads: ‘Some seem to delight in picking at the edges and making holes here.

‘Not only does it look terrible, but it becomes unsafe for youngsters to climb, swing, etc.

‘If you want the play area to remain open, the surface has to be renewed, but to do all this work is costing almost £12,000.

‘Please, when the work is complete, stop anyone you see trying to damage this.

‘Be aware that by then, CCTV will be operational and the culprits will be seen.’

The new CCTV system, costing more than £20,000, will see cameras installed along Queen Street (from the junction with High Street to that with Coquet Street), in Percy Drive and at Paddlers Park.