Watch your speed, drivers warned

Inspector Sue Peart with Mike Shirley and David Brown, part of the community spreedwatch in Rothbury..
Inspector Sue Peart with Mike Shirley and David Brown, part of the community spreedwatch in Rothbury..

A NEW scheme to crack down on speeding drivers has been launched in Rothbury.

The Community Speed Watch (CSW) is being piloted in north Northumberland for Northumbria Police.

It is a partnership between police and the Safer Northumberland Partnership which enables local people to help reduce traffic speeds and improve the quality of life in their community.

The initiative involves volunteers getting training, support and specialist equipment from the police and partners to monitor traffic speeds in their community.

They are provided with measuring equipment and given instruction in the use of the hand-held devices so they can record the speed of passing vehicles.

The Speed Watch volunteers set up in a designated safety spot in the village and then take down registration details of anyone caught speeding. The details are then passed onto officers from the local Neighbourhood Policing Team.

A joint community and police letter is then sent to identified motorists about their speeding.

If the same driver is identified as speeding in an area a number of times officers will make contact with the driver and action could be taken.

Area Commander Chief Superintendent Mark Dennett said: “I’m very pleased to be trialing the initiative here in Northumberland.

“Speeding is a concern for many, especially in smaller communities and we welcome anything that could help make our roads safer.”

Alnwick Neighbourhood Inspector Sue Peart added: “We’ve working on this initiative for some time and I am delighted we are trialling it with the neighbourhood policing team volunteers at Rothbury.

“The main aims of CSW are a reduction in vehicle speeds to prevent collisions, improved quality of life, reduced noise pollution and raised public awareness of inappropriate speed.

“Changing the attitude of drivers is key to reducing speed.

“CSW is important in making motorists aware that there’s zero tolerance for speeding in our communities.

“This is not about spying or snooping on neighbours. It is about taking positive action, working together to improve the safety and quality of life for everyone in the community.

“We will support community action with police action - speed check days and enforcement opportunities led by information from the local community.”