WATCH: Political activist slapped with parking fine in Alnwick town centre

A parliamentary candidate stopping in Alnwick to speak to Sir Alan Beith was given a parking ticket by a civil enforcement officer.

Iain Gordon, who is standing for the Fair Society party in London, was campaigning in the Market Place in Alnwick this afternoon when he was approached by the officer as he was parking in the centre of square.

He then drove off leaving behind the placards on the ground, but soon returned to speak to the Gazette.

Mr Gordon said: “I’m going to be the next Prime Minister. “I was hoping to see Alan Beith because I’ve done a lot for him in the past and I was hoping to have a chat to him but he’s out on family business.”

Explaining his party’s policies, he said that they are fighting for ‘£10 an hour minimum wage, 50p off a pint of beer, 50p off a bottle of wine, no taxation under £16,000, £20 per month for every foreign registered car on our roads, £200-a-year annually and free parking in hospitals.”

He was looking for candidates to stand in the Berwick constituency for the election in May.