WATCH: Planes land sideways as North of UK is battered by gales

A plane landing sideways at Leeds Bradford Airport.
A plane landing sideways at Leeds Bradford Airport.

The north of the UK is being hit by strong winds that have made journeys difficult both on the ground and in the air.

Lorries have been tipped over by gusts on the A1 and the A19 with some exposed roads being closed to high-sided vehicles.

And this YouTube video shows that it’s not just those on the ground who are suffering.

The clip was captured at Leeds Bradford Airport where pilots battled 50mph winds to land.

Weather warnings were issued for Northumberland yesterday.

But there is respite in sight as the Met Office forecast says gales should die away tonight, but temperatures will remain low.

There is still the possibility of hail, sleet and ice affecting North East roads in the coming days.

A Met Office spokesman said: “The deep area of low pressure will move away east through today but will maintain a swathe of very strong northwesterly winds across a large part of Britain, before easing this evening.

“Some of the strongest gusts will occur in association with squally showers, which will bring the additional hazard of hail in places, and some hill snow in the north of the warning region.”