Watch out, thunder, lightning and hail could be on the way

Thundery weather could bring lightning.
Thundery weather could bring lightning.

Take your brolly if you’re heading out this evening, the Met Office has put out a weather warning.

A yellow warning of rain has been issued for the North East, North West, most of Scotland and Northern Ireland until 9pm.

There is a possibility that thundery weather could lead to flooding, lightning and large hail stones.

Many parts will be wet and cloudy but only a few seem likely to see the heaviest downpours.

The Met Office warning says: ‘Whilst some areas may escape with a dry day, where storms do develop, torrential downpours are possible.

‘There is the potential for 20-30mm of rain to fall in an hour, and as much as 40-70mm in two to three hours. As well as heavy rain, frequent lightning and large hail are also possible.’