WATCH: Can the NHS Choir beat Justin Bieber to the Christmas Number One?

Doctors and nurses hoping to claim the Christmas Number One title have begged Justin Bieber fans to stop listening to the pop star's latest hit single.

Bieber has nudged ahead of the Greenwich and Lewisham NHS Choir in the race for the top spot according to Official Charts Company figures.

Dr Harriet Nerva, founder of a campaign to get the song and the choir to the top of the tree at Christmas: "I was aware of the song and I was listening back to it and looking at the video, it was after I'd had quite a hard day at work when a patient I'd been looking after for quite a long time, a number of weeks, had passed away. I thought this would be a really, really fantastic way to celebrate the NHS and all its dedicated, hard-working staff."

There is still hope for the NHS singers, who were behind by only 3,000 combined sales with their song A Bridge Over You.

The NHS Choir leads the way on downloads, while Bieber's song Love Yourself powers ahead on streams.

"We are going head to head with Bieber for the Christmas Number One - I never thought I'd say that," said Joe Blunden, NHS communications manager. "It is neck and neck and we just need the public to get behind us and cut out your Bieber fever just for one week and get behind the NHS.

The NHS Choir in a battle with Bieber for the Christmas Number One.

The NHS Choir in a battle with Bieber for the Christmas Number One.

"After Christmas you can go back to downloading and streaming Bieber, but for now please download A Bridge Over You and stream it and put the NHS at Number One in the charts and also number one in the agenda."

For more information, and to download the single, visit or the Lewisham Hospital website.