WATCH: Campaigner welcomes A1 announcement

Conservative Dual the A1 campaigner Anne-Marie Trevelyan has welcomed today’s announcement of a £290million government package to upgrade the road in Northumberland.

Although the 25-mile stretch from Ellingham to Berwick will not be dualled, she said that today’s announcement means full dualling up the border is another step closer and that she will continue to campaign for full dualling throughout in Northumberland.

Prime Minister David Cameron with Anne-Marie Trevelyan near the A1.

Prime Minister David Cameron with Anne-Marie Trevelyan near the A1.

“It is a really exciting day for the North East,” she said. “The opportunity for inward investment for Northumberland and the North East is going to improve dramatically as a result of this announcement.”

She added: “I’m going to carry on campaigning until the road is fully dualled. But this is fantastic news because it opens up that first stretch. There will be an increase in traffic and the region will be able to prove to the Treasury how much of an impact economically that investment has made.”

Responding to claims that the Lib Dems and Tories were wrestling over who got the credit for the dualling of the A1, Ms Trevelyan said: “The Dual the A1 Campaign, which has worked tirelessly for seven years, has pulled together a range of voices, including individuals, businesses, emergency services and logistic firms from across the country.

“I also know that for local people, it is not about who gets the credit, it is about laying the tarmac, getting the job done and delivering for the North East.”