Warning over scam bank letter received

An Alnmouth man is warning other residents to beware of a possible scam after he recently received a letter.

The correspondence sent to William Gilroy claimed to be from someone representing a bank in Hong Kong, but the postage had been paid for in the UK.

The letter claims that the sender, a Mr Cai Ma, asked a friend travelling to the UK to post it and said that a man also named Gilroy had died and left a portfolio of millions of dollars under the care of the bank – China CITIC Bank.

Mr Gilroy said: “I would assume once you get in touch by email, they will either want some kind of payment or reply to your email address with some kind of Trojan program to infiltrate your PC details.”

People can report any scams or fraud to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or at www.action fraud.police.uk/