Warkworth WI, September meeting and summer round-up

There being no formal meetings in July or August, Warkworth WI members have been enjoying a more social time.

In July, members enjoyed an evening meal at the Old Storehouse and in August, as in previous years, there was a walk and talk session with afternoon tea.

Members of local WIs attended and a really good afternoon was had by all.

Three groups of walkers were guided around Warkworth with local history explained as progress was made around the village, ending up with a well-deserved tea in the Memorial Hall.

Feedback from our guests was very positive and it is intended that the walk be repeated for those members unable to attend. The day raised £154 for the charity ACWW.

In September, it was back to business as usual with an evening meeting and guest speaker.

President Serena welcomed 41 members, 10 visitors from local WIs and one other visitor.

The Warkworth show had been successful with many of our WI ladies winning prizes and cups.

Special mention was made of the WI Cup which was won by Ann Bond for the best Christmas tree decoration.

Organ donation, being the resolution for the current year, was mentioned and a future meeting will have 10 minutes devoted to this important topic.

Members were informed about the WI sponsored tubs for Warkworth in Bloom.

Our speaker for the evening was Paula Constantine who gave an interesting and informative talk about Saxon costume and how it had developed over the middle ages and how it had been influenced by the Romans and Vikings.

Given the simple raw materials of the day (wool and flax) it was amazing that the women of those times produced fabric at all.

She showed us how these materials were carded, spun and then woven into the fabric and explained how the garments were fashioned.

It had never occurred to us how they managed without buttons and this explained why so many brooches have been found, being a necessity to hold everything together.

She illustrated her talk by putting on the undershirts and ‘dresses’ of the day and gave us a sense of what it had been like to be a woman in those circumstances.

She had brought along a numbers of items such as dyed wools, bone needles and various bits of jewellery that time constraints meant she couldn’t talk about but was kept busy after the talk as members were encouraged to look at them.

Diana Webber expressed our thanks for a wonderful and illuminating evening.

The next meeting will be on October 7,,when Rev Mike Dent will talk about Mother Teresa and the competition is a short poem on the theme of Warkworth.