Warkworth WI, June meeting

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UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT: Newly-elected at the annual meeting in May, a new president and secretary found themselves in the hot seat as proceedings got under way at the June meeting of Warkworth WI.

With president Serena Coulter in the chair, 34 members heard a talk by Dr Linsley Lunt, director of breast screening at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Her no-nonsense approach to the subject quickly swept aside any misgivings about a subject that is often taboo.

She described the screening process using examples of mammograms and explained what to look for. It seems that most of us worry unnecessarily. However, it could not be stressed enough that women of all ages should be aware and attend screening when invited. Screening was now offered to women aged between 47 and 73, and available on request to anyone older.

Typically, out of 2,000 women presenting at an assessment clinic, 200 would be eligible for screening, 150 would attend, eight would be recalled and one would have cancer. Since the start of the programme in 1988, 15 million women had been screened, 90,000 cancers detected and deaths from breast cancer halved. Using impressive statistics, Dr Lunt enlightened us on a topic that is often avoided and gave us grounds for hope.

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