Warkworth WI, January meeting

TALK RADIO: We now have over 60 members at Warkworth WI.

Having enjoyed a traditional Christmas party in December, with home-grown entertainment, members settled down to more serious matters at the January meeting.

Voting had taken place to decide which annual resolution to support and the majority chose the one concerned with tackling fuel poverty.

The other major issue was felt to be the need to train more midwives.

We expect these topics to be debated at the annual meeting, which this year takes place in the Albert Hall.

Our speaker for January was Daniel Mumby from Lionheart Radio, who gave us a rapid overview of the role of local radio.

Lionheart relies a good deal on volunteers, of whom many are students, but the scope and organisation of the station is anything but amateur.

We learned a lot about a service which is right on our doorstep and available for entertainment, current information and publicity.

Daniel had researched his audience and discovered that the original aims of WI had included revitalisation of rural communities.

We thus had much in common with this very local radio station, which deserved our support at a time when funding was at a low ebb.

The competition was for an original poem containing the word ‘radio.’ It was won by Pat Bagshaw, after which the competitors were persuaded to read out their entries.

Our next meeting on February 7, is entitled Laughter Yoga with Keith Adams, and on March 6, we shall be holding our meeting at the Spurelli Ice-cream Parlour in Amble.

After the usual business, there will be a demonstration followed by refreshments.