Warkworth WI, April meeting

The April meeting of Warkworth WI was attended by 34 members and one visitor.

Members heard that the table-top sale held the previous week had proved to be a success with over 70 customers attending.

It was hard work for the vendors and the WI helpers who made the coffee and washed up. A welcome sum was added to the Warkworth WI funds.

The main speaker was Hazel Hodgkiss, a qualified Pilates teacher, who took us through the history, principles and practice of Pilates movements.

She demonstrated how to achieve improvement in posture by correct alignment of the spine and emphasised how helpful the technique was to sufferers of long-term back pain.

Many members left the meeting full of resolve to find a class.

The competition for a health tip produced some wonderful imaginative and helpful suggestions.

Valerie West won the first prize with the tip that Earl Grey tea lowered cholesterol. Pat Dodd won a bowl of bulbs for the birthday prize.

Next month will be our annual business meeting and members are reminded to bring food items for a pooled supper. The competition is for three savoury snacks.