Warkworth WI

MOMENT’S SILENCE: The February meeting of Warkworth WI began thoughtfully, with a moment of silence in memory of Rev Canon Janet Brearley.

This was followed by Jerusalem and the usual business procedure.

However, all solemnity and decorum vanished when the speaker, Keith Adam, took the floor to demonstrate Laughter Yoga.

It cannot happen often that a roomful of normally dignified ladies collapses into hysterical giggles and silly walks – but we have the photos to prove it.

He explained the value of laughter therapy in many different situations: it reduces stress and boosts the immune system and we don’t do it often enough.

With gentle exercises and clapping rhythms, we obeyed instructions and found that laughter which was artificial to begin with, soon became the real thing.

One hapless visitor was heard to announce: “I thought it was going to be staid.” Never let it be said that WI holds no surprises.

Congratulations to Pat Calvert who won the competition for a joke or cartoon.

And now, with a straight face, we would like to remind everyone that the meeting on March 6, will be held at Spurelli’s Ice Cream Parlour in Amble, arriving by 7.15pm.

There will be no competition that night.