Warkworth Probus Club, January meeting

WINTER COLOUR: After having had several weeks of white winter scenery, it was pleasant to be reminded that there could be colour in the greenhouse.

Also that plants, some exotic, could be on show at the January meeting of the Warkworth Probus meeting at the Sun Hotel.

The subject of the talk at the meeting was Orchids the speaker was John Hobrough, and the colour was from a dozen pots of various orchids that were flowering in his orchid house at the present.

With the aid of a projector, John gave a talk on the diversity of the large orchid family, which is probably the largest and most diverse of all plant life, being found from Arctic to tropical areas, from epiphytes with long aerial roots hanging on jungle trees, to terrestrial forms growing in high mountainous areas.

John then outlines the requirements of the particular plants and the development of individual species to the climate in which it was found.

As the plants were passed around the members, there was an interesting discussion on many aspects of propagation, pests, and suitability of the various species that could be bought to grow in the modern home, why were some plants in clear plastic pots and others in pots of compost.

The response to these and many other questions were answered, showing John’s interest and knowledge in the subject of his talk, and the flowers. Marvellous.

The next meeting is on February 17.