Warkworth Parish Council round-up

Warkworth Parish Council chairman Coun Jeff Watson referred to the recent planning permission for 500 homes in Amble and said that he was hopeful that the link road to Acklington Road would be provided.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 5th November 2017, 5:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 8:52 am
Coun Jeff Watson
Coun Jeff Watson

The chairman of Cheviot Homes had given this undertaking, though not in writing as yet, the meeting heard.

Parish councillors were told that the back road would experience greater use and this would have infrastructure implications.

Meanwhile, the parish council did not object to the following applications: Listed building consent to repair/refurbish windows and install railings at Castlegate House, 1 Castle Street; removal of existing timber windows/doors and replacement with UPVC at 24 Greens Park; to build single storey rear extension, Albion House, 21 Morwick Road.

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A number of village issues were raised by Coun John Lilley.

He informed members that he had made a start on clearing the soil from the path leading from Warkworth Castle down to the river.

Coun Lilley reported that the three new trees on The Stanners were already suffering what looked like collision damage and suggested that some more robust supports be commissioned to alleviate the problem.

He said it would also be useful if the Rights of Way signpost at the Warkworth Hermitage ferry had a reference added for the route to the castle up the hill.

Coun Lilley wasn’t present at the meeting, but the issues were raised on his behalf by clerk Karon Hadfield.

The parish council’s new website now includes members’ names and addresses and the generic email address and contact number for the parish council.

Consideration was given as to whether a separate contact phone number was needed for use by the clerk for parish-council purposes, but this was not felt to be necessary.

Members agreed that a hard-copy contact list of councillors’ contact details would be provided for the elderly in the village who do not use IT.

The old parish-council site will not be updated, but a link will be provided from there to the new NALC site.

Members felt that the number of mobile homes parking on The Stanners was becoming an increasing problem and that better signage was needed to deter people. Chairman Coun Jeff Watson and Coun Rod Galilee will consider options for better signage and report back.

Coun John Hobrough shared details with members about a rubbish-collection facility and asked that it be raised with the Northumberland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty team as a potential facility for Warkworth beach, to help keep the area tidy.

Members generally felt that developing a Neighbourhood Plan would benefit the village and local people would be in favour. It was noted that the main support would need to be provided by a planning consultant, with parish councillors and residents acting as a steering group.

Northumberland County Council has said that tree cutting on the north side of Beach Road had been done with a flail because of the need for removal of substantial growth.

Coun Galilee said that fencing at the disabled parking bay near the river looked damaged. He also raised the issue of grass cutting in the cemetery at the top of Cemetery Bank and asked who is responsible for it. It is believed that it is not the parish council’s responsibility, but will be investigated, alongside a list of grassed areas for which the parish is responsible.