Warkworth Parish Council round-up

Lights, hedges, drains and planning were all discussed at the January meeting of Warkworth Parish Council.

Saturday, 27th January 2018, 5:00 am
Coun Sally Black

• Coun Sally Black said that street-lighting issues are still a concern on Morwick Road and Morwick Gardens where extra lampposts had been erected close to the recently-installed ones but so far without lighting heads. It appeared that the new footpaths were yet again to be dug up.

• The lamppost on the woodlands footpath will be renewed, therefore the renewal of the footpath will need to wait until this is complete. If the timing of this slips into the next financial year, Coun Jeff Watson will use some of his member small schemes funding to ensure it is done.

• Frustrated councillors fear local views are being ignored by the county council’s planning department after an application was approved. The parish council had submitted an objection to a bid to enlarge a living-room window and use UPVC at Greens Park, yet permission was still granted. At this month’s meeting, it was suggested that clarification be sought about the weight being given to parish council views in the determination of planning applications.

• Coun Dr John Hobrough reported an insurance claim received by the village school by a neighbour regarding cracks in the neighbour’s property, which were claimed to be due to tree roots within the school’s grounds. He drew this to members’ attention as it could result in financial difficulties for the school should funding need to be found for remedial measures. In other matters, Coun Hobrough reported that there had recently been an unpleasant smell coming from the pump down at the river.

• Coun Cashmore reported a dangerous and partially-covered drain outside of the play area, which was inadequately fenced. Members were also unhappy about a significant hedge breakage and the drainage system.

• Coun Roger Cashmore reported that the hedge along Watershaugh Road was in a very poor condition having been apparently flailed, though it was not clear who had done this.