Warkworth Parish Council round-up

Concerns have been raised about issues along the Beal Bank to Woodlands cycle lane.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 3rd August 2018, 2:00 pm
A view of Warkworth. Picture Jane Coltman
A view of Warkworth. Picture Jane Coltman

An email had been received from a resident regarding the worn cycle lane signage and cyclists riding on the pavement on Morwick Road. When reaching the top of Beal Bank, they were continuing on the pavement towards the village centre.

The clerk had contacted the county council and the road markings were to be repainted, but members agreed that pedestrians and cyclists did not mix and that there was general confusion over who had priority as there were two sets of road markings.

○ Coun Rod Galilee has been investigating height-restrictive barriers for the car park as the number of campervans and motorhomes parking overnight was increasing.

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Also, the grass was very untidy at the car parking area at the end of Brewery Lane next to the birds’ mouth fencing.

○ The number of dog-fouling incidents and the main areas where this was happening have been raised with the dog warden so that some patrols could be undertaken.

○ In relation to tackling speeding issues at Beal Bank, the road is now legally enforceable and it is now with the police’s legal team to confirm that it was okay for the enforcement van to go out.

○ Grass at the cemetery is often really high and there had been complaints that strimmers were being used and damaging people’s flowers.

○ Coun John Lilley has concerns about the number of overgrown hedges.