Warkworth Parish Council: Parking, speeding and flooding

Warkworth. Picture by Jane Coltman
Warkworth. Picture by Jane Coltman

Suggestions have been made to try to alleviate parking problems in Warkworth.

Time limits on some of the village’s parking bays have been mooted.

It was also discussed how to make better use of the parish-council-maintained car park, off Cemetery Bank. It was agreed that the road condition on Cemetery Bank should be improved and that signage to the car park from the village needs to be upgraded/increased. In addition, provision should be considered for pedestrians walking from the car park into the village.

A funding bid has been submitted for inclusion in the Local Transport Plan and proposals would go out for consultation.

• Police are investigating the possibility of installing both camera van and vehicle-activated signage on Beal Bank to try to tackle speeding. The parish council, which has raised speeding concerns, heard that site reviews will take place early next year.

• Warkworth Parish Council chairman Jeff Watson has said he believes that Northumberland County Council will be taking action to prevent flooding on the village’s Station Road, after a request for action was passed on to the highways team.