War memorial lands £7k grant for full refurb

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Work to refurish Alnwick’s war memorial is set to take place before the end of next month after a successful grant application.

It will benefit from a grant of £7,165 from the Grants for War Memorials scheme, which is jointly funded by English Heritage and administered by War Memorials Trust (WMT).

The total cost of the work is £9,558 and the remaining £2,393 will be paid by the town council.

Most of the work needed is due to weathering and will be in two main areas –the stonework (column and plinth) and the bronze work (statues, plaques and lantern).

The stonework will be re-pointed with lime mortar and organic growth removed.

The unsightly flaking on the column and the damaged areas of stonework will be repaired to match surrounding stonework. Green copper staining on stone blocks will also be removed or lessened.

The bronze elements have lost their original patina through natural weathering and the three figures are all covered in a dark layer due to pollution which will be removed. Once cleaned, the bronze work will be re-patinated returning it to more like its original finish.

The work is expected to start in September and will take about a week to complete.

Mayor of Alnwick, Bill Grisdale, said: “The War Memorial is a key local landmark and as such is visible from many public viewpoints.

“As the focus of each Remembrance Day service, Alnwick Town Council felt it was important that the memorial had this vital repair work undertaken, so we are delighted to have been awarded this grant.

“We feel sure that the proposed restoration work will be welcomed, particularly with the centenary of the start of the First World War.”

Frances Moreton, WMT director, added: “War memorials are a tangible connection to our shared past creating a link between the fallen and today.”