Wall collapses in Alnwick town centre

This is the dramatic scene after part of a wall collapsed in Alnwick.

Workers were greeted by a pile of rubble in Bow Alley this morning after the structure came down sometime through the night.

The collapsed wall in Bow Alley, Alnwick.

The collapsed wall in Bow Alley, Alnwick.

The area has been closed since July for health and safety reasons because of distortion of the Oscar’s Wine Bar wall at the end of the alley.

The bulge had been there for many years, but it had come away from the windows on both levels, and there were concerns that it could come down.

The alley was closed by Northumberland County Council’s highways team.

Two businesses, Marilyn and Melrose and Specially for You, were given alternative premises in Narrowgate.

Derek Charlton, from Oscar’s, said the incident happened around 10.45pm yesterday.

He told the Gazette: “Part of the gable-end wall has fallen down.

“Emergency repairs to make the building completely safe will be undertaken and we are meeting the structural engineer this afternoon.

“This will mean that Oscar’s will be closed for the foreseeable future.

“We have needed a licence from the Northumberland Estates to do the repairs but this has been delayed.”

The Estates has been contacted by the Gazette and we are awaiting a comment.